Where did all my money go — resources

Where did all my money go?

This is a list of the resources I mentioned in my talk at YouGotThis conference. If you’re interested in an interactive webinar, please submit this Google form to show interest and let me know what you want to learn!


I’m working on recording my Sonata, which you heard part of at the conference. If you want to keep up with my music, head over to https://www.patreon.com/FiddlersCode for updates. I’ll be on iTunes/Spotify soon!

Money Beliefs

Budgeting Software

Irish balanced budget
  • You Need A Budget (YNAB) — this is the one I use and love
  • mint.com — heard good things about this one as well
  • Google spreadsheets, Excel, Apple numbers: great for basic accounting

Got another one you like? Tweet me! and I’ll add it!

Practical Steps

  • Establish how much your essentials (rent, food, transportation, utilities) cost
  • Establish your take-home pay
  • Implement a budget
  • Be kind when you fail

Automate Everything

  • Max out your workplace’s pension
  • Automate all your bills
  • Look out for direct debit discounts!

Bank Accounts

  • Check out Starling and Monzo for great categorisation, tracking and automatic roundups
  • Look at ISAs for saving money


The credit you build up now affects your ability to buy houses and cars later on in life.

  • Get a credit card and charge an affordable amount to it each month. Make sure you pay it back in full each month!! Lower the limit if they give you a limit that’s too high.
  • Monitor your credit reports with Equifax and Experian — it’s free!


Get a password manager!!! It will automatically generate long, secure passwords for you and you can keep all your accounts safe, not just the critical ones.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor so please consult a real one and/or do your own research.

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